Instances of Discovery
Positive words about what one has written are of course always welcome. Frequently, though, they are from usual suspects in familiar venues.
If someone had asked me, "What is the place you would least expect positive words about Flashes of Grace to come from?" Liberty University would likely have been at or near the top of the list.
But here is a favorable review from the Associate Dean of Jerry Falwell Library.
A friend to whom I expressed my astonishment called this "a fine example of ecumenism." I certainly second the motion!
"Metacognition," while not a term I was conscious of, is precisely what I am attempting to demonstrate in the book, and hope that I have refined over my years of teaching and administering. "Integration of faith into learning and life"--helping people do this has been my mission, and Patterson has done me the wonderful service of saying I've done it.
I'm glad to have produced "a book like no other." If, in its category of one, it is "clear, fun, a bit quirky," and, well, "leads to rereading," I'm in an authorial happy place.