Instances of Discovery

I have finally joined the ranks of authors with websites. With my name on nine books (four written alone, two written with others, two edited, and one co-edited), it seemed time. The site is designed by Robyn Lingen of, who has fashioned something that showcases what I've done and am still doing.

A special feature of the site is "Columns from the St. Cloud Times." I have been writing monthly since 2007, and all 169 columns—so far!—are available in their entirety, published here with permission from the St. Cloud Times.

There's also a blog, which I intend to add to weekly. (I suspect this will seem very often to me, maybe to you, but it is as nothing compared to Eleanor Roosevelt's syndicated column, "My Day," which appeared six days a week for nearly 30 years!)

You can sign up for email notification of when something new appears.

I hope you enjoy "instances of discovery" in this "place to eavesdrop."